Shankill Alternatives in partnership with Shankill Youth Safety Partnership are launching the ‘#GoodForNothing’ campaign to turn negative youth stereotypes on their head by encouraging young people to give up their time for free to benefit others, their communities and themselves. By turning a negative term, he/she is “good for nothing” we intend to redefine this negative label and associate it more with young people in our community doing GoodForNothing

Beginning in the Shankill community, the new campaign challenges the idea that young people are automatically associated with anti-social behaviour or crime and asks the public to pause for thought before they make a split second judgement on someone, based on age or appearance.  Our aim is to encourage young people to engage in random acts of kindness and to promote, and/or the recipient to promote, their engagement on social media using the hashtag #GoodForNothing

We believe that with the popularity of social media, especially amongst young people, we can inspire other young people to do likewise – promoting awareness that our young people really are caring, compassionate and kind at heart.

Why do it?

This campaign hopes to create a copycat affect through the medium of social media similar to the icebucket challenge where other youth will be enthused or want to outdo the positive activities they see under the #GoodForNothing on social media. The fact is that every day young people as individuals or in groups are doing good but this does not get public or wider acknowledgement.  The hashtag #GoodForNothing will provide a platform or central point for us to recognize, acknowledge and promote positivity of young people.  Whether it be a small individual gesture to make their parent’s a cup of tea or a large scale event organized by a youth group, all are equal to be acknowledged.

Here is a video to offer a  sample of #GoodForNothing activities generated by young people at Shankill Alternatives over a 4-6week period.

All human beings are hard-wired for love and compassion. When we are kind to others it has a positive impact in the brain with research proving it boosts happiness in ourselves as well as the people we help. Engaging in random acts of kindness for our peers, strangers and communities, helps build co-operation, trust and a sense of safety and togetherness in our respective communities – as well as shattering the negative stereotype young people often face!

Engaging in acts of kindness helps people see others in a positive light, which is the basis for thriving communities and a flourishing society – one which builds trust, respect and all round well being.

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