Intensive Youth Support

The Intensive Youth Support (IYS) is the model Alternatives use to meet the needs of young offenders and provide mechanisms that encourage them to make positive change. 

Our intensive restorative support programme works within the context of community. The programme seeks to address the issue of offending by providing a holistic approach to dealing with the hurt and harm caused by negative behaviours. Where possible we utilise a collaborative approach to finding solutions for all who have been impacted. Victim, offender and community all have a role to play in the restoration of community norms as well as providing valuable input in regard to what restitution and reparation looks like from a restorative point of view. Intensive youth support sets out to restore those social relationships between victim, offender and the community.

Characteristics of Alternatives IYS Process

  • Holistic approach
  • Wrap around services
  • Intensive approach
  • High levels of victim participation/support
  • Low levels of recidivism
  • Cost-effective
  • Local knowledge and localised service
  • Whole community response