Is a citywide grassroots project which aims to deliver regular, meaningful and purposeful cross-community and good relations activities, designed to foster inclusion between Protestants, Catholics, and ethnic minorities/newcomers. 4 distinct  projects in each area of North, East, South and West Belfast, develop local conversations and responses to issues. Through collaborative engagement across the city LINCS seeks to build relationships and foster understanding of local challenges and solution in building and maintaining these relationships.

The project encapsulates the vested interests of participants, creating safe, tolerant and inclusive spaces conducive to consolidating peace and reconciliation. The project is based on a series of key engagements, site visits and face to face activities, all of which are underpinned by restorative practices.

Intercultural Programmes

Intercultural programmes will be a natural and fluid progression from the activities outlined above which will have laid the foundation for creating safe, open spaces where cultural identity and cultural diversity can be explored and celebrated. Each locality will engage in at least 6 intercultural programmes (24+ in total).  We will provide for exciting innovative engagements which include: cross-community & cross-cultural visits; bonfires, flags and emblems; horticultural schemes; non-threatening arts-based music, language and crafts to express culture; Show Your Peace events; cookery and ‘Dine With Me’ events; Reframing the Negatives migration photographic exhibition.

Shared Learning Seminars

Each NPF will take the lead to organise and host a Shared Learning Seminar (4 in total) with support from the Project Co-ordinator and SAF. Each thematic seminar will represent an invaluable opportunity to showcase the journey and progression of participants and the LINCS Project itself.